Nessie Navy Embroidered Patch

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The Nessie Navy embroidered patch lets you show the civilians that you're part of the Loch Ness division of the Paranormal Forces keeping the Twilight Zone safe and secure (and strange).

The Nessie Navy patch is about 3" high by 3" wide and features 100% embroidery. You have the option to get standard iron-on backing or Velcro hook backing for use with tactical bags, morale patches, patch panels and more.

The full Cryptid Command patch set features Bigfoot ArmyAlien Air Force and Nessie Navy patches, the Cryptid Command shield patch and the Paranormal Forces patch. Also available is the the full Cryptid Command Officer's Kit which also includes a dog tag, an I.D. card along with header card packaging. Check out the full Cryptid Command patch collection.