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Collection: Cryptid Biker Patches

Motorcycle Club Cryptozoology Patch Set: Sasquatch, Mothman, Aliens & Reptilians

"Sons Of Sasquatch" from Bluff Creek (the location of the classic Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot film footage), "Mothmen" of Point Pleasant (the town in West Virginia where the Silver Bridge tragedy happened, along with the Mothman sightings), "The Grays" from Roswell (the New Mexico town where possibly the first crash of an alien spaceship — and a government cover-up — happened in July 1947), and everyone's favorite shape-shifters, the "Reptilians" from nearby star system Alpha Draconis.

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  • Sons Of Sasquatch embroidered patch
    Sons Of Sasquatch (Bluff Creek) Bigfoot cryptid motorcycle club biker embroidered patch
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