Nazca Ancient Astronaut Space Mission Patches Display Card Winged Capsule

Winged Capsule - NAZCA Ancient Astronaut Mission Patch

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The Winged Capsule patch is one of three companion patches for the "NAZCA Ancient Astronaut Mission Patch" set (featuring Easter Island OutpostStonehenge Station and Sphinx Central patches).

The 100% embroidered patch features one of a golden-winged Chariots Of The Gods — in this case, a landing module. A nod to the enigmatic Winged Disc artwork found in ancient Egypt and many other ancient civilizations. The wings have actual golden thread, along with the "NAZCA" lettering.

The patch is essential for the spacesuit of any ancient aliens intergalactic pilot or 12th Planet refugee.

The embroidered patch is 4.25" W x 1.75" H and is available with either iron-on backing or hook-and-loop backing. The patch is packaged with a display card.

The full NAZCA patch set includes: