Cryptid Command Officer Kit Kit Bigfoot Nessie Alien Ufo Patch Dog Tag

Cryptid Command Officer's Kit (Bigfoot, Nessie, UFO/Aliens Patches, Dog Tag & I.D. Card)

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The "Cryptid Command" is a paranormal-themed merchandise set featuring 4 embroidered patches, a dog tag and an I.D. card, and a PVC emblem (soft rubber dimensional patch).

These cryptozoological commandos have been deployed to land, sea and air — patrolling that hazy border of the Twilight Zone. And now, you too can join their ranks and help these supernatural soldiers maintain their outpost here in the Everyday World.

Your officer's kit includes:

• "Bigfoot Army" embroidered patch
• "Nessie Navy" embroidered patch
• "Alien Air Force" embroidered patch
• "Cryptid Command" embroidered patch

• The "Paranormal Forces" logo PVC emblem.

• Metal dog tag with the Cryptid Command shield and the Paranormal Forces logo, printed on each side.

• Individually-numbered, 2-sided plastic I.D. card

The kit is available with either standard plastic backing or hook-and-loop patches and emblems.

Each patch is approximately 3" x 3". The Bigfoot Army patch is about 4" high by 3" wide.

The full Cryptid Command patch set features Bigfoot Army, Alien Air Force and Nessie Navy patches, the Cryptid Command shield patch and the Paranormal Forces patch. Also available is the the full Cryptid Command Officer's Kit which also includes a dog tag, an I.D. card along with header card packaging. Check out the full Cryptid Command patch collection.