"Boggy Creek Monster Brigade" embroidered patch pre-order!

Boggy Creek Monster Brigade embroidered patch pre-order promo Monsterologist

The newest Monsterologist patch, "Boggy Creek Monster Brigade", is now available on the shop!

This patch was developed in collaboration with award-winning  cryptozoologist, author, researcher and fellow cryptid creative Lyle Blackburn, author of "The Beast Of Boggy Creek", "Beyond Boggy Creek", and more.

Lyle & I have been discussing the concept and design for the Boggy Creek Monster patch ever since we first met at the 2016 Ohio Bigfoot Conference. After some sketches and brainstorming during Cryptid Con 2017, the Boggy Creek Monster Brigade patch finally rose from the swampy depths.

Fans of the film "The Legend of Boggy Creek" will appreciate the subtle nod both the color palette and creature on the patch give to the film's poster.

The patch measures 2.7" W x 5.25" H. 

Each patch is only $8.00 USD plus shipping, and patches can be upgraded to hook-and-loop backing. This patch will retail for at least $9.00, so pre-order now and save.

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