Window Cling Installation

Front-facing window clings

What you will need:

  • Glass cleaner or Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Squeegee or credit card
  • Slightly soapy water

Instructions for wet application:

  1. Clean the area of the window that you want to apply your window cling to with Windex or alcohol. Remember, the cling will be installed inside the window, and face outward. 
  2. Pull the protective sheet off (it's on the front of the cling).
  3. With the slightly soapy water, wet the front of the cling, and the cleaned inside area of the window.
  4. Starting from the center and working your way to the edges, slowly smooth the cling onto the window with the squeegee or credit card. Overlap your strokes.
  5. Be sure that the outer edges of the decal are rubbed down smoothly and all liquid or air is forced out. This is essential for proper adhesion.
  6. Allow the cling to dry out for 24 hours for adhesion to be complete.