Frequently Asked Questions

Are your patches available for wholesale purchase?

Yep! Please visit my Wholesale page for full details, or contact me directly. 

What is "hook & loop" backing?

Hook-and-loop backing is a style of fastener (also known as "hook-and-pile fasteners" or "touch fasteners") that are made of two separate fabrics: one is a "hook" fabric, the other a "loop" fabric. 

When brought together, they fasten to each other. 

"Velcro" is the trade name of one brand of hook-and-loop fastener. 

Patches have the "hook" side sewn on to the back of the patch, and can be fastened to any "loop" surface. 

Many tactical backpacks, jackets and other apparel and accessories have "loop" panels sewn on to them. And of course one could have a "loop" panel sewn on to anything to accept "hook"-backed patches. 

The upside to the hook-and-loop system is that patches can be swapped out on your accessory. 

Do you sell Velcro patches?

"Velcro" is the brand name of one type of hook-and-loop material. The hook-and-loop material on our patches is a generic hook-and-loop material that to our knowledge is compatible with all hook-and-loop type materials, including the "Velcro" brand.

How do I apply an iron-on patch?

How can I be notified when a certain item is back in stock?

Please contact me using the contact form, and let me know which item or variation you are interested in.

I’ll email you with the estimated timeframe of the item is planned to be restocked, and will contact you again once the item is back in stock.

What is a morale patch?

A morale patch is a military-style insignia/badge/emblem with a humorous image or expression. 

Can I hire you to create custom artwork or custom patches?

At this time, I am not taking on custom artwork projects or custom patch manufacturing.

How long will it take my order to ship?

Typically orders are processed in 24-48 hours. In the U.S. shipping usually takes 1-3 days. International shipping can take anywhere from 1-8 weeks. See more details on the Shipping page.

T-shirts are custom print-on-demand items, and usually have a production time of 2-7 days with another 3-5 days for shipping.

Please visit the main Shipping page for current turnaround times for print-on-demand items due to virus shutdowns.  

Do you ship to the UK and European Union?

Unfortunately, due to new VAT tax requirements, Monsterologist does not ship to EU or United Kingdom countries.

Please visit the Monsterologist Etsy shop where VAT is handled and sales to those countries can be processed properly.

As an independent artist business, Monsterologist doesn’t have the resources to manage international tax collection and remittance on top of domestic tax management.

Additionally, Monsterologist no longer ships to Germany at all due to international sellers now being required to register and pay for a service to offset packaging recycling. This isn’t cost-effective for independent sellers like Monsterologist with lower international order volumes.