Cryptid Biker Patches on Kickstarter!

Cryptid Biker Patches: Sasquatch/Bigfoot, Gray Aliens, Mothman, Reptilians


The Cryptid Biker Patches are now available on the store!

Cryptid Biker Patches, the newest Monsterologist patch set is now live on Kickstarter!
The patch set features 4 motorcycle club inspired patch designs with cryptozoological creaturesSasquatch/Bigfoot, Gray Aliens, Mothman and Reptilians.


These are larger patches than in my previous campaigns, so the prices are a bit higher for this campaign. But the patches are bigger!

If you have my "Sons Of Samhain" or "Double Trouble" from my "Hallows Angels" Halloween biker patch set, you'll have a good idea of the size these new patches will be.
Head over to the Cryptid Biker Patches campaign on Kickstarter, and pledge now to help make the production of these new patches possible.

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