Cryptid Con 2017 Recap

Cryptid Con 2017 Recap

Monsterologist cryptid patches & pins artist table at Cryptid Con 2017 in Frankfort, Kentucky

The inaugural Cryptid Con held September 8-9, 2017 in Frankfort, KY was a big success, at least for the Monsterologist.

Being a first-year event, I wasn't sure what to expect but seeing that cryptozoological luminaries and friends such as Loren Coleman (of International Cryptozoological Museum fame), Lyle Blackburn (author of best-selling Southern Sasquatch book "The Beast of Boggy Creek"), and others were slated to present, my concerns dwindled quickly.

The weekend was busy with cryptid crowds, and the vendor area was buzzing with activity the entire weekend. My patches were a big hit, as were my newly-minted collection of pin-back buttons (which are coming to the store -- and to a Kickstarter campaign -- very soon). 

Monsterologist cryptozoological paranormal embroidered patches & buttons merchandise table at Cryptid Con 2017 in Frankfort, Kentucky

The events are also usually good for creative inspiration, and this on was no exception. After a chat with author David Weatherly, you can expect some Black-Eyed Children and Skinwalker Ranch merchandise coming soon. Lyle Blackburn and I continued our creative brainstorming about a Boggy Creek Monster patch, and that's going to happen in the near future. 

The Cryptid Con organizers said they plan on running this again next year, and I'll definitely be heading back down south again if so. A great time at a great event, in a laid-back and friendly Southern town. 

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