International UFO Congress 2018: Recap

International UFO Congress 2018: Recap

International UFO Congress alien sculptures.

The Monsterologist mobile monster lab made it's way to the International UFO Congress in Scottsdale, AZ this past February.

International UFO Congress inflatable alien Monsterologist

This was a 5-day event, and it was busy from the morning of the first day right up until the end. 

Monsterologist vendor table travel setup

I refined my plane travel vendor table setup a bit this time, adding my horizontal. banner at the bottom center to give me a private work space behind it. All my merchandise was lined up behind the display to allow for easy transactions. 

I think my next display investment is going to be a backdrop, so the entire area I am occupying is all about the patches and the art. 

International UFO Congress vendor badge for Monsterologist

I was lucky to be placed next to one of the few other artists tables in the vendor area, and the artists were also great guys. We got along well and had a fun time during the event. They even got some free tickets to the awards banquet and hooked me up with one!

International UFO Congress awards banquet ticket

I took the opportunity to explore the nearby Tonto National Forest after I took down my table setup on the last day. 

Tonto National Forest - Scottsdale, AZ

I had a great time in Scottsdale (technically Fountain Hills) during the event, and met a bunch of great people and new fans at the conference. 

I also learned about a potential vendor event in July, the Mad Monster Party, which is to be held at the exact same venue (We-Ko-Pa Resort & Casino).

It's the weekend after the Roswell UFO Festival, and only another 8 hours of driving. So I think I'm probably going to attend and vend. Too many of the people I met at the UFO event suggested Mad Monster Party. And being able to get two events in on a long drive helps with the travel costs of these distant events.

Overall, the International UFO Congress was a great time. It will take place next year in Phoenix, and later in the year (September). I'm not sure if I'll be returning unless I can bundle the trip in with another event. But I'm glad I experienced this one.

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