Kickstarter: Paranormal Places Travel Patches & Stickers, Series 2

Kickstarter: Paranormal Places Travel Patches & Stickers, Series 2

The newest Monsterologist patch and sticker set is now live on Kickstarter until February 2, 2023. 

This set will feature more locations from the popular Paranormal Places Travel Patch & Sticker set launched on Kickstarter in 2020. 

Each patch and sticker in the set features a mysterious location and its associated supernatural creatures and cyptids from cryptozoology & folklore:

  • Rhinelander, Wisconsin (Hodag)
  • Churubusco, Indiana (Beast Of Busco, giant snapping turtle)
  • Dover, Massachusetts (Dover Demon)
  • Kecksburg, Pennsylvania (Kecksburg “acorn” UFO sighting)
  • Lake Champlain, Vermont (“Champ” sea creature)
  • Van Meter, Iowa (Van Meter Visitor)
  • Scape Ore Swamp, South Carolina (Lizardman)
  • Enfield, Illinois (The Enfield Horror)
  • Pine Bush, New York (UFO encounter)
  • Bluff Creek, California (site of classic 1967 Bigfoot footage)

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The original series featured the following creatures and locations:

  • Loch Ness, Scotland (Loch Ness Monster / Nessie)
  • Skinwalker Ranch, Utah (shapeshifters & UFOs)
  • Flatwoods, West Virginia (Flatwoods Monster)
  • Area 51, Nevada (UFOs and aliens)
  • Roswell, New Mexico (UFO crash & aliens)
  • Point Pleasant, West Virginia (Mothman)
  • Loveland, Ohio (Loveland Frogman)
  • Boggy Creek, Arkansas (Boggy Creek Monster)
  • Hopkinsville, Kentucky (Hopkinsville Goblins)
  • Pope Lick, Kentucky (Goatman)
  • Fresno, California (Fresno Nightcrawlers)
  • Pine Barrens, New Jersey (Jersey Devil)
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