Kraken Dive Team cryptozoology embroidered patch by Monsterologist

Kraken Dive Team embroidered patch

Kraken Dive Team embroidered patch by Monsterologist

The Kraken Dive Team embroidered patch is featured in the Cryptid Command cryptozoology embroidered patch series.

It was released in 2017 and features everyone's favorite giant squid, the Kraken.

The Kraken Dive Team patch was released alongside the Mothman Squadron, Chupacabra Corps, Dogman Division and Flatwoods Monster Patrol embroidered patches.

Initially they shipped as part of a successful Kickstarter campaign, which followed up my first three Kickstarter campaigns: Bigfoot Patrol, Yeti Squad and Sasquatch Brigade.

Fans were asking for more cryptids, especially the Loch Ness Monster. I decided to go all the way back to my 1970s "In Search Of…" roots and go with the classic trilogy of Bigfoot, Nessie and UFOs.

After working up a park ranger inspired the for the initial Bigfoot patches, I decided to keep the "official organization" patch theme and go with a military style for these.

I was brainstorming on the Bigfoot, Nessie, UFO theme, and it occurred to me that they had a pattern: land, sea and air. That aligned with the Army, Navy and Air Force.

So I ended up with the Bigfoot Army, Nessie Navy, and Alien Air Force.

With the success of the initial Cryptid Command patch set on both Kickstarter and beyond, I knew I needed a follow-up set to include the Mothman and el Chupacabra — as well as a third cryptid to cover the "sea" category. The Kraken was a perfect fit.

After quite a bit of character and patch design, I settled on the final artwork for all three, and also worked up some bonus patch designs in case of unlocking a stretch goal patch or two - and thus the Dogman Division and Flatwoods Monster patrol patches were born.

The Kraken Dive Team embroidered patch went on to become one of the most popular Monsterologist patches in the entire collection. People love the vibrant color scheme.

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