Krampus heraldic embroidered patches & pin-back buttons.

Krampus Embroidered Patches & Buttons

Krampus heraldic embroidered patches & buttons by Monsterologist.

Monsterologist Krampus embroidered patches and Krampus pin-back buttons are available for all your Krampusnacht celebrations and Yule festivities beyond. 

Use coupon code KRAMPUS20 until Dec. 21, 2018 (Winter Solstice) to get 20% off all Krampus patches and buttons!

Winter Solstice isn't complete without these unique Krampus accessories. 

And while supplies last, all Krampus patches are shipped on an elaborately-designed display card featuring a certificate of membership in the secret society "The Order Of Krampus" on the back. 

Order Of Krampus secret society membership certificate by Monsterologist

In addition to the patches and buttons, Krampus t-shirts are also available. 

Check out all of the Monsterologist Krampus items here. 

Krampus Rampant heraldic embroidered patch by Monsterologist

Krampus Face embroidered patch by Monsterologist

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