Krampus head limited palette drawing

Krampus head limited palette drawing

Krampus head drawing limited palette

Been working on a bunch of evil Krampus head limited palette drawings all January. Inspired by conversations with many customers who picked up my "Rampant Krampus" patch in December, and shared their awesome Krampus costume photos with me. 

I love the custom Germanic Krampus masks many of these Krampus costumers have; some of them are just downright evil looking. Had to work up my own.

In addition, as I was working on these drawings a lot of minor-key doom rock guitar riffs were arising in my guitar playing. I feel like I have some sort of Krampus instrumental concept album working it's way through me. The album cover art is the easy part!

Stay tuned for more Krampus drawings! And maybe some music…

P.S. I've decided to start doing annual Krampus artist merchandise starting in 2018. Most likely these will be Kickstarter campaigns in October, so you'll have your Krampus gear by Dec. 5th. Stay updated by signing up to my monthly email newsletter.

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