Mothman Point Pleasant, West Virginia embroidered patches & buttons.

Monsterologist at the Mothman Festival 2017

Mothman Point Pleasant paranormal cryptid embroidered patches & pin-back buttons by Monsterologist (artist George Coghill).

I'm gearing up for this year's Mothman Festival taking place on September 16 & 17, 2017 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. In addition to my brand new Mothman Squadron patch and the Mothman Squadron: Point Pleasant patch, I'll also be debuting my "Point Pleasant" Mothman-themed paranormal places travel patch, along with some new Mothman and Point Pleasant pin-back buttons.

This will be my third Mothman Festival, and they are always a great time with fun and friendly crowds, an excellent lineup of talented artist vendors, and it all takes place right by the Mothman Statue and the Mothman Museum -- both within sight of the Silver Bridge, which figures prominently in the Mothman legend. 

It's a free, outdoor event. If any of this sort of paranormal or cryptid stuff interests you, definitely try to get down to the event and spend a weekend with a lot of like-minded folks. 

And be sure to check out my Events page for other upcoming appearances. 

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