Mothman Festival 2017 recap

Mothman Festival 2017 recap

Mothman Statue at Point Pleasant, West Virginia

This was my third year setting up the Monsterologist artist table at the annual Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. 

Please excuse the poor photo quality, this is one of the busiest shows of the year for me and I barely had time to grab photos, let alone take good ones.

Monsterologist artist table display with George Coghill at Mothman Festival 2017 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

The show was a big success and a fun time. It's always great to meet existing and make new fans and friends at events. The Mothman Festival was no different. 

The Mothman Festival was one of the first big events I attended (and I was seriously underprepared for it the first year I set up the artist table in 2015). It really opened my eyes to the world of cryptozoology and paranormal events, as well as the size, scope and interest of the crowds that attend them. 

Each year when I attend, there's always a deep wave of nostalgia that arises. I've met so many superb artists, authors and creators in the cryptid world, all of them fine and talented people. It's always pleasure to head back to Point Pleasant for the event.

Point Pleasant Mothman paranormal travel patch and buttons.

I had some new Mothman patches for sale, including "Point Pleasant", the second patch in my Mysterious Planet Travel Patches series and my new Mothman Squadron patch, one of the the recent Cryptid Command series patches along with the Chupacabra Corps, the Kraken Dive Team, the Flatwoods Monster Patrol and the Dogman Division

I also had all my brand-new pin-back buttons for sale, which are so new I've not had a chance to get them up on the store yet. 

As usual with these events, working these as a solo artist means I am primarily behind the table and thankfully for this event, busy selling all day. That means I rarely get time to explore these events much, but there were big crowds, lots of fun and friendly people with a healthy interest and appetite in cryptid-based creativity.

I did have a panel of patches from my table display stolen, but thankfully it was just the one panel. I had recently set revamped my table display, and the Velcro-ready fabric I use isn't cheap and it took some time to cut and assemble the entire setup. I'll have to look into covering this up better in the future. I'm glad I brought the bulk of the merchandise boxes back to the hotel with me overnight. 

I'll definitely be at the Mothman Festival in 2018. Already looking forward to it. 

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