New Monsterologist artist booth setup

New Monsterologist artist booth setup

I’ve done quite a bit of reworking to my artist table setup over the past 18 months, and I just wanted to share the current iteration with those of you who have not been able to attend any of the art events I set up at throughout the year. 

The patch and sticker display racks are a new addition in 2022. With my expanding library of patches and stickers, I needed a better way to display them and also take the plunge and allow people to just pick their own. I used to have a display wall set up and grabbed the items people wanted when they purchased them. 

I also expanded my lineup to include more prints beyond the initial Paranormal Places Travel Poster series. 

As you can see, my booth setup has grown from an artist table to a 10’ x 20’ booth. Initially I only upgraded to a 10’ x 10’ booth this year, but the new setup proved popular, and with the excellent attendance at the Oddities & Curiosities Expo events, I soon needed more room to give customers a more casual way to browse the items. 

So far it has been working out great. I have had a few versions similar to the one in this photo before settling on this basic layout for most of my recent shows. 

The display racks disassemble, and they conveniently fit into the empty spaces in the plastic bins I was already using to store all my merchandise and equipment. 

It fills the space nicely, but also isn’t too much work to set up and take down for one person. And believe it or not, it all fits into an SUV along with a cooler, luggage, and a driver. I did invest in a roof cargo box to be able to haul some of the less regularly-shaped items like my utility cart, folding chair and print rack. But I am able to transport this entire setup without needing a trailer or a huge vehicle. 

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