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"Roswell" UFO Alien Abduction Patch Pre-Order

"Roswell, New Mexico" UFO alien abduction minimalist embroidered patch by Monsterologist

My newest patch, "Roswell", sold out the first run (almost all of them gone by the end of the 2017 Roswell UFO Festival). By popular demand, I'm having another run of these made.

Pre-order now, and the patch will ship once I have them in stock late August 2017.

The Roswell patch is now available on the shop!

The patch features a limited-palette design with a figure being abducted by an alien UFO in the tractor beam. The text includes "Roswell, New Mexico".

This patch is also the inaugural design for my new Mysterious Planet paranormal locations travel patch series. Up next is the "Point Pleasant" Mothman travel patch (also available for pre-order).