Roswell, New Mexico city sign with UFO

Roswell UFO Festival 2018 Recap

Roswell New Mexico city sign with UFO crash.

I set up my artist table at the 2017 Roswell UFO Festival in Roswell, New Mexico (home of the infamous 1947 alien spacecraft crash and wreckage collection conspiracy).

The event went well, so of course I headed back in 2018. Once again, I drove there from Ohio (!), lugging along my outdoor vendor setup and my camping gear (car camping keeps the travel costs down on the way there and back).  

Roswell Or bust pin button

I arrived a day early, and used the time to explore the town a bit and also check out the UFO Museum, which I didn't have time to do last year.

Alien statues in Roswell, New Mexico

As one might expect, there are alien and UFO statues, art, paintings, murals and signs all over the town. 

Roswell UFO Museum alien crash life-size diorama.

The UFO museum was an interesting mix of kitsch and research. There were a lot of tourist-friendly displays set up, but also some interesting historical documents from the events of 1947. 

Roswell UFO Museum alien spaceship crash diorama scale model.

The museum displays weren't afraid to embrace pop culture or have a little fun with the presentations.

Roswell UFO Museum life-size diorama of "The Day The Earth Stood Still" movie.

There was even an extensive UFO-themed research library, which looked pretty official.

Roswell UFO Museum research library

The museum also had a few collections of vintage UFO- and alien-themed toys and figurines. 

After a good night's sleep, I headed into town to set up my artist table. 

Monsterologist artist table setup at Roswell UFO Festival 2018

I had intended to take more setup progress photos, but there were people already browsing the vendor area and I wanted to get set up as fast as possible.

Roswell alien & UFO embroidered patches by Monsterologist (artist George Coghill).

I of course had my Roswell, alien and UFO-themed embroidered patches featured prominently on my display: the "Roswell, New Mexico" UFO alien abduction embroidered patch, "The Grays" gray alien motorcycle club embroidered patch, and the "Alien Air Force" military shield UFO embroidered patch.

The 2018 Roswell UFO Festival was again a success for Monsterologist, and I plan on retuning again in 2019. 

Check out my Events page for upcoming artist table appearances.

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