"Sons Of Samhain" Back Patch - Kickstarter Campaign

The "Sons Of Samhain" Halloween scarecrow motorcycle club back patch campaign on Kickstarter launched on May 8, 2019 to raise funds to make this a reality.

Sons Of Samahain back patch campaign on Kickstarter by Monsterologist

The back patch will measure 10.6" W x 13.3" H, and will be 100% embroidered. 

Rewards that include the back patch start at $55 (plus shipping). 

Perfect for your cut-off, battle jacket, battle vest or kutte. 

There are also campaign rewards for the smaller 4" x 5" version of the patch, stickers and pin-back buttons featuring the Sons Of Samhain design and the Halloween scarecrow by itself. 

Also available are rewards that include the full "Hallows Angels" Halloween motorcycle club 8-patch set. 

The campaign ends on May 21, 2019. 

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