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Fresno, California travel sticker by Monsterologist

Fresno, California Travel Sticker

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Fresno, California travel sticker featuring the spooky "Fresno Nightcrawlers", a ghostly pair of eerily walking legs that were caught on security camera and night vision cameras. 

  • 2.6" W x 3.1" H
  • weatherproof vinyl

      Check out the Paranormal Places travel patch set, the Paranormal Places travel sticker set, the Paranormal Places circle sticker set, the Paranormal Places pin-back button set,the Paranormal Places print set and the Paranormal Places travel t-shirts. With artwork featuring all your favorite cryptozoological and paranormal creatures:

      • Area 51 & UFOs/aliens
      • Boggy Creek Monster
      • Flatwoods Monster
      • Fresno Nightcrawlers
      • Hopkinsville Goblin
      • Loch Ness Monster
      • Loveland Frogman
      • Mothman of Point Pleasant
      • Pope Lick Goatman
      • Roswell UFO Crash
      • Skinwalker

      Stickers can be ordered in custom sizes for an additonal cost. contact me to set up a custom sticker order.

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