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Winged Capsule - NAZCA Ancient Astronaut Mission Patch

Winged Capsule - NAZCA Ancient Astronaut Mission Patch

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4.3 in W x 1.8 in L

Patch backing

What is "hook-and-loop" backing?

"Hook-and-loop" backed patches have the "hook" side of the fastener material sewn on the back, and are compatible with any loop materials (such as the brand name Velcro) that accept hook fasteners.

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4.3 in W x 1.8 in L

• 100% embroidered

• available with iron-on or hook-and-loop backing

The Winged Capsule patch features one of the golden-winged Chariots Of The Gods — in this case, a landing module. A nod to the enigmatic Winged Disc artwork found in ancient Egypt and many other ancient civilizations. The wings have actual golden thread, along with the "NAZCA" lettering. Essential spacesuit insignia for ancient aliens, Annunaki, Nephilim or 12th Planet and Planet X refugees.

4.4" W x 1.8" L

Part of the NAZCA series. See more NAZCA patches.

Plus: all the ancient astronauts patches and ancient astronauts items, and all the Monsterologist patches.

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